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Once upon a time, Chicago was a beautiful city. Now we see it laying in tatters all around us - a shadow of its once great self.

One party rule has caused Chicago's decline but one person rule has destroyed it. For the last three years, Chicagoans have witnessed a city on the brink of destruction. We've endured the worst tyranny imaginable - totalitarian-style lockdowns, destruction of our businesses, churches, harsh restrictions on every day life, harm caused to our friends and families. Our children have suffered most of all - child suicides, hospitalizations due to depression, eating disorders and a mental health crisis beyond what we would have imagined two years ago. 

 At the center of it all is Mayor Lightfoot. When asked about the escalating violence, the 163% rise in carjackings and hit and run violence, the pandemic lockdowns that destroyed lives and businesses, the race riots and the looting, she turns a blind eye and tells us that crime is going down. 

The people of Chicago deserve better - we must put a stop to this insanity now by putting term limits on Mayor Lightfoot and all future Chicago mayors like her.  Join our campaign to Term Limit Mayor Lightfoot in 2023 and beyond. Download the petition and instructions today and join our great crusade! 

Thank you!  

Download the Term Limit Lightfoot_Petition here.

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