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William J. Kelly to Announce He's Running for Mayor Against Rahm on June 20th

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS JUNE 3, 2014 -  William J. Kelly says he will formally announce he is running for Mayor of Chicago against incumbent Rahm Emanuel at a June 20th televised town hall and fundraiser at the Palomar Hotel, 505 N. State Street in Chicago. Kelly, a longtime taxpayer watchdog and self-made entrepreneur with an Emmy award-winning production company, will be filing his papers with the State Board of Election after the official announcement is made.

The June 20th event will also feature a keynote address by former White House advisor Dick Morris, a harsh critic of Emanuel. 

The event will take place across the street from President Bill Clinton's fundraiser for Mayor Rahm Emanuel's re-election campaign.  Kelly says that the town hall will be the first of many such events where Chicagoans can talk about the problems they encounter every day. He says it is an opportunity for Illinois and Chicago residents to voice their frustrations and be heard on issues such as: 

-  Mayor Emanuel's plan to raise property taxes by $750 million

-  The new gun ordinance and its provision to videotape law-abiding gun owners

-  Chicago's murder rate and violent crime

-  Common Core

-  The new rideshare ordinance and the impact on the cab industry: Is it unfair?

-  Budget shortfalls and the Illinois and Chicago pension crisis

-  The sanctity of life and social issues  

"Chicago is a real city and deserves a real Mayor.  We need a Mayor who cares more about clean, safe streets than doing fundraisers for Hillary Clinton and appearing on the Jimmy Fallon Show," Kelly says. 

After the TV town hall, there will be a post-event reception with food and entertainment.

Tickets to the event can be purchased here. For sponsorship information, contact: (312) 768-8683.

Kelly is available for comment. Contact Amy at (312) 768-8683 or email 

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