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William J. Kelly's $100K contribution lifts caps in Chicago mayoral race (VIDEO)

William J. Kelly for Chicago has issued a statement about his $100,000 contribution that has lifted the contribution caps in the Chicago mayoral race: 

Today, I filed a self-funding notification with the Illinois State Board of Elections detailing my $100,000 contribution. My contribution has busted the contribution limits in the mayoral race to unseat Rahm Emanuel – Chicago’s most unpopular Mayor.  Rahm is just a bully and he deserves to be defeated.  

As I mentioned back in June at my mayoral announcement, as an Irish Catholic from Chicago’s 19th ward, I love this city with all of my heart.  As an entrepreneur and businessman, I’ve produced Emmy award-winning TV for more than a decade. I’m the only Republican in this race and I offer a true alternative to Rahm’s circle of cronies and insiders. I’m the ultimate outsider and I’m proud of it.  

Cities far more liberal than Chicago have elected Republican mayors. Republican mayors have turned the tide and changed the conversation. A Republican can win in Chicago and helping to unseat Rahm Emanuel would be one of the greatest joys of my life. 

I don't need to match Rahm Emanuel dollar for dollar to win this race against Rahm and neither does Ald. Bob Fioretti. 

Contrary to popular media belief, busting the caps does not help Rahm - he already has all the money he needs in this race. Rahm could have busted the caps himself but he didn't. By busting the campaign caps, I have now leveled the playing field in this race. Now if any donor or corporation or PAC wants to defeat Rahm Emanuel - they have the opportunity to donate to my campaign without limitation.  

Yes, it is true: Rahm has a huge campaign war chest and it will get much bigger yet. Rahm has circumvented campaign finance laws by bundling contributions. Through his brother, Ari, CNN gifted him millions of dollars in in-kind contributions with a national TV show production intended to portray him as the "star he really is." CNN spent millions more to promote Rahm with an advertising campaign complete with giant billboards all over the city. 

But Rahm can't buy respect or love from the voters. Chicago voters are not fooled by Rahm anymore and his embarrassing poll numbers show it. Sixty-two percent of Chicagoans say Rahm is out-of-touch. 

With the money in his war chest, there is only one solution: It is time for national and Illinois donors who want to defeat Rahm to either put up or shut up.

I realize that when it comes to elections, Illinois media are only concerned with power and money.  For example, last week the Chicago Tribune endorsed Rahm’s friend Bruce Rauner, a first-time candidate for governor who refuses to disclose any details of his plans if elected.

The Chicago media also refuse to mention most of the candidates running against Rahm. This is media malpractice and it is why our state and city is as corrupt as it is. In fairness to GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, I am more than willing to meet with him and ask him if he supports me - the only Republican candidate in this race  - or if he supports his close pal Mayor Rahm Emanuel. I’m sure the answer will be telling.

Real Chicagoans deserve a real Mayor - and Rahm Emanuel is not a real Mayor. Chicagoans deserve a Mayor that represents 100% of the people, not just the 1%, and I want to be that kind of Mayor for the City of Chicago.


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