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CITIZEN KELLY: Save Illinois' Lincoln Statue, Save America

CHICAGO (May 3, 2021)- William J. Kelly, host of the "Citizen Kelly Show" says that Illinois Democrats are secretly planning to remove one but five statues of President Abraham Lincoln and is asking citizens to contact their representatives before it is too late:
"If it wasn't bad enough that woke Democrats in Illinois were planning to remove statues of Ben Franklin, George Washington, and President William McKinley, now five historic statues of President Abraham Lincoln are on the chopping block," Kelly says.
Kelly says that the "Standing Lincoln" statue in Chicago's Lincoln Park is among those scheduled for removal. "'Standing Lincoln' is considered by historians to be one of the great masterpieces of public art of the 19th century and these Orwellian revisionists want to remove it?"
Kelly says that Democrats want to erase Abraham's memory and his legacy in ending slavery and healing a war-torn nation - at a terrible price - his life.
"The Democrat Party wants to erase Abraham Lincoln because he was America's first Republican and one of our greatest presidents," Kelly said. "This is Cancel Culture gone amuck. We must save the Lincoln statue in the Land of Lincoln and save America along with it."
Please sign and share this petition to save Illinois' Lincoln statutes.
Please also make aGoFundMedonation in any amount - small or large - to Remember America, a nonprofit legal fund that is fighting back against the removal of the statues

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