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Rahm's GOP foe: I intend to solve Chicago's Rahm problem

Chicago, Illinois - Republican William J. Kelly, a long-time fierce critic of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, says he is exploring a 2019 run for Chicago mayor. In 2014, Kelly busted the campaign caps in the Chicago mayor's race, allowing Rahm's opponents to raise unlimited cash from a single donor, forcing Emanuel into a historic runoff.

Kelly's announcement comes as Emanuel is facing mounting public criticism over Chicago's unsolved homicides and mass shootings every weekend. In August, 75 people were shot, 13 fatally in one 60-hour period with only one arrest.

"Sadly, for the last eight years, not only has Rahm Emanuel failed to solve Chicago's problems, he has done everything in his power to cover them up. From the Laquan McDonald video to the Chicago Public Schools sex abuse scandal," Kelly says."

In June, a Chicago Tribune investigation discovered hundreds of cases of sexual abuse and rape in Chicago Public Schools just in the last ten years. Emanuel has been in office eight years.

"We only know about cases of sexual abuse at CPS for the last ten years. What about last thirty years?" says Kelly. "Why is Rahm trying to cover this up?"

"Rahm is even allowing random community organizers to close down highways, expressways and even airports (on Labor Day weekend)," Kelly says. "Let me be clear, Chicago does not have a police problem. Chicago has a Rahm problem. I'm William J. Kelly and intend to solve Chicago's Rahm problem."

Kelly says that, unlike Rahm, he is looking forward to working directly with President Trump to get the best deal for Chicago on jobs, taxes, and pensions.

Kelly is a native of Chicago's South Side. He is an Emmy award-winning TV producer and host of the "Citizen Kelly Show" on AM 1590 WCGO which airs daily from 10-12pm. He is also a contributor to Daily Caller, Newsmax, and a former blogger with the Washington Times.

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