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PBS: Kelly calls on Rahm to resign over CPS sex scandal


Chicago, Illinois
 - During a recent appearance on the PBS show, "Chicago Tonight," William J. Kelly, the only Republican candidate for Chicago mayor, blasted the Chicago media and national Democrats for giving Rahm a pass on the Chicago Public Schools sex abuse and rape scandal - a sharp contrast to their treatment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. 

"My job isn't done yet. It isn't enough that Rahm quit the Mayor's race, he must resign effective immediately," Kelly said. "Why hasn't Rahm fired his appointees to the Chicago Board of Education? An internal investigation is not enough - not after 500 cases of rape and sexual abuse of minors over the last eight years." 

Kelly is calling for a federal probe into the Chicago Public Schools cover-up and criticized the Chicago media for making the scandal a one-day story. 

PBS host Phil Ponce protested that Chicago media have covered the scandal. "This scandal should be front page news. It should be the story you cover every single day," Kelly replied. 

Kelly recently penned an op-ed in the Washington Times, "What will Chicago do without Rahm?" criticizing the media and national Democrats.

In the op-ed, Kelly also drew comparisons between Chicago Public Schools and the Catholic Church.  Kelly wrote:
But doesn't Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan have a "moral obligation" to investigate the 500 cases of rape and sexual abuse at Chicago Public Schools too? As the son of Chicago Public School teachers and a graduate of Quigley Preparatory Catholic Seminary, I'm outraged.
In this era of #MeToo, Rahm Emanuel should be driven from Chicago with pitchforks. Why isn't Emanuel being held accountable for the 500 cases of rape and sexual abuse at CPS? How many cases of rape and sexual abuse at Chicago Public Schools have there been since the 1940s?

The national media should be asking these questions but they aren't because Chicago is a Democratic town and Rahm Emanuel is their liberal sacred cow.


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