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Newsmax reporter William J. Kelly requests interview with Mayor Lightfoot

Chicago, IL (August 24, 2021) - Newsmax correspondent William J. Kelly, who went viral after two heated press conferences exchanges with Mayor Lightfoot last month, has now requested a formal sit down interview with the combative Chicago mayor.
Lightfoot has been under mounting public pressure following two heated press conferences with Kelly, when he pressed her on Chicago's out-of-control violence epidemic and she said that crime was down last month. Chicagoans were outraged and the videos went viral. Combined, both videos have now received millions of views and thousands of comments, the majority of them critical of Lightfoot. You can see the videos here and here.
Now a new poll shows that Lightfoot is under water with Chicago voters - threatening her re-election. Now 45.9% of Chicagoans disapprove of the job Mayor Lightfoot is doing as mayor and 10.8% are unsure. That's down from Lightfoot's more than 48% approval rating in June.
Why is her approval rating down? 44.2% of Chicagoans say crime is the number one issue facing the city - and more than 62% say there is more crime now than a year ago.
Kelly says that he and Mayor Lightfoot may have gotten off on the wrong foot and he wants to give her a chance to tell her side of the story - if she actually has a plan to stop the violence, if she plans to mend fences with the Chicago Police and if she feels any sense of responsibility for the death of Officer Ella French.
"Last month, I asked Mayor Lightfoot what I thought were a few basic questions about Chicago crime - and those questions opened the floodgates of public and media criticism - criticism that was long overdue," Kelly says.
So far, Mayor Lightfoot's press secretary has yet to answer Kelly's request for an interview and Kelly's status as a white male reporter complicates the issue.
Mayor Lightfoot is currently being sued for limiting interviews to only journalists of color.

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