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McCann to Rauner: Drop out, give me a clear shot at Pritzker


 CHICAGO - During an interview on Monday's Citizen Kelly Show, State Sen. Sam McCann, an independent candidate for Illinois Governor, had some choice words for incumbent Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner: Drop out of the race. 

Last week, McCann filed 65,000 signatures for Illinois Governor - more than twice the number he needed to file. Monday was the last day to file objections to petitions and the Rauner campaign announced that McCann's signatures (35,000 were pre-verified) would not be challenged. 

(@7.09) SEN. MCCANN: There are so many polls that have shown that where I'm not involved - because we just filed last week - the polls show that Bruce Rauner cannot might be able to argue that he could buy this election if JB Pritzker were a poor man but JB Pritzker is not only a wealthy man with wealthy friends, he actually has a net worth far greater than Bruce Rauner. Bruce Rauner is already in the hole by double digits and he's facing an insurmountable hill - this mountain he cannot climb. 
MCCANN: If he and Ken Griffin go out and put $50 million dollars in the campaign account today, then JB Pritzker and his buddies will put a $100 million dollars in their campaign account tomorrow and it just keeps going and going and going. That being said, Bruce Rauner is not going to be the next Governor of the State of Illinois - regardless of whether I am in the race or not.  So really - if anybody should drop out of the race it should be Bruce Rauner so that I can have a clear shot at Pritzker. 
CITIZEN KELLY: That's the headline. It's in the Constant Contact tomorrow. Bruce Rauner - drop out of this race for the good of Illinois. Because here's the bottom line. Bruce Rauner will not be re-elected.
(@13:06) CITIZEN KELLY: ...Republican Senator Sam McCann - running as an independent candidate for Illinois Governor. He will be on the ballot with Rahm's best friend, Bruce Rauner and Rahm's other best friend, Pritzker.  The stakes have never been higher. This is Illinois' rendezvous with destiny. We all need to rally to get Sen. Sam McCann across the finish line - not for Sen. Sam McCann - but for us! This is the Illinois revolution that everyone has been talking about. I've been a Republican my whole life and every year I hear people talking about the Illinois revolution - the Illinois revolution is underway! 


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