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Match my $100K Donation to Defeat Rahm Emanuel

Today, I am donating $100,000 to my mayoral campaign against Mayor Rahm Emanuel. I am taking this step because we have a historic opportunity to reclaim the City of Chicago from the clutches of Mayor Rahm Emanuel - the most unpopular mayor in Chicago's storied history.

I will not stand idly by while Rahm continues his march to destroy our city from within.
But I need YOUR HELP. Will you match my donation with your most generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever amount you can afford now and help me raise $100,000 to defeat Rahm? 

We have an opportunity to defeat Rahm - will you stand up with me to defeat him?  

Chicagoans have had their eyes opened. They aren't fooled by mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel as they were back in 2011. The myth of Rahm's superiority has officially been shattered. He has proven he is incompetent. He has proven he does not care. Regardless of the media's support of Rahm, the people are speaking and the polls reveal the truth.  

Just 35 percent of likely voters approve of his performance as mayor, an embarrassing drop from his 50 percent approval rating in May 2013. And his poll numbers are in free fall.  Sixty-two percent of voters say Emanuel is OUT OF TOUCH WITH CHICAGOANS. The truth is: Rahm Emanuel should NEVER have been elected Mayor of Chicago in the first place. He has divided our city into the haves and the have nots. He is Mayor 1%. I want to be Mayor 100%. 

There is only ONE WAY Rahm Emanuel will be re-elected: If he does not have an opponent willing to stand up to him and take him on. Today also marks the anniversary of my first interview with Rahm Emanuel on Columbus Day in 2010. As many of you know, the interview went viral after CBS correspondent Jay Levine violently threatened to deck me on-camera for daring to ask Rahm some tough questions - questions that he still - to this day - has not answered.

Perhaps if we had real reporters in the Chicago media,Rahm would never have been elected in the first place.  I will be launching a new TV ad spot this week and I need to reach every Chicago voter with a simple message: We can defeat Mayor Rahm Emanuel. But I need your help to raise $100,000 so that we can continue to air this spot. 

The only thing Rahm has is money. Money from the special interests and billionaires he protects. So please help me raise this $100,000 with any dollar you can spare - $10, $25, $100, $150 - any dollar amount helps! 

Please send this email on to your friends and family and encourage them to do the same! Together, we CAN make it Chicago again! Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the City of Chicago. 

William J. Kelly

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