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Unhinged: Battery Complaint Filed Against Mark Curran

Illinois, November 4, 2019 - A criminal complaint for battery has been filed against former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran, now a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. The complaint was filed by Curran's U.S. Senate opponent, Republican William J. Kelly. 

The battery incident took place within just minutes of Curran arriving at the Lake County Republican office in Grayslake on Saturday, November 2, 2019 and was captured on video. 
Criminal complaint filed against U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Curran
Criminal complaint filed against U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Curran
In the video, Curran calls Kelly a "liar" and Kelly responds by asking him, "Oh really, how am I a liar? Did you support driver's licenses for illegal aliens? Yes or no?" An angry, unhinged Curran then grabs Kelly roughly by both shoulders and shoves him across the room to the door. "Let's go," Curran said. "Is that what you want to do? Do you want to go right now? Yeah, you're a Democrat," Kelly said. Curran switched to the Republican Party in 2008. 
"As a former sheriff, Mark Curran should know by now what a battery is," Kelly said. "If Mark Curran can't handle being questioned about his positions on key issues without exploding in anger and becoming unhinged, how can he run for the U.S. Senate as a Republican? I think Mark needs to address his emotional instability issues before he really hurts himself or someone else." 
Curran and Kelly were both invited to speak before the Lake County Republican Central Committee (LCRC), which had its endorsement session on Saturday. The LCRC was informed about the battery and the filing of the criminal complaint against Curran but endorsed him in Saturday's session anyway. 
Kelly and Curran have long been at-odds over Curran's support for illegal immigration based on a heated debate in Lake County in 2013. Curran has been interviewed extensively about his support for illegal immigration and his past Democrat candidacy. See a timeline of Curran's history and positions here. 

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