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Kelly: Stop pro-abortion group’s "Baby Satan" display in Illinois’ Capitol for Christmas

December 20, 2021, Springfield, IL– GOP candidate William J. Kelly is calling on the Democrat Illinois Secretary of State to abandon his Monday plan to install a satanic "baby" deity display in the Illinois State Capitol rotunda for the holidays.
This year’s new display by The Satanic Temple, depicts a“satanic deity,” Baphomet, as a swaddling babe, which will be placed next to the Christian nativity scene and Jewish temple menorah displays.
Kelly, who is running for Illinois Secretary of State, says that the Satanic Temple is not a religion and its satanic baby display constitutes anti-religious hate speech.
“I’m calling on the Illinois Secretary of State to cease and desist on his plan on Monday to install a pro-abortion group’s satanic 'baby' display in the Illinois Capitol rotunda,” Kelly said. “The Satanic Temple is a pro-abortion advocacy front group – not a religion as defined by the Constitution. This display is anti-Christian hate speech – not religious expression.”
In 2009,Kelly was detained by Illinois Secretary of State Police after he turned a Freedom from Religion Foundation sign attacking Christians upside down. In 2018, without his knowledge, he was "mistakenly" placed on a list of individuals banned from entering the Illinois Capitol without an escort. The Illinois Secretary of State's office reversed this ban after being contacted by Kelly's lawyer.
Kelly says that, based on the Satanic Temple’s own website, the group should be reclassified as a political group, not a religion or a tax-exempt charity. He says that the group engages in lobbying efforts and is directly involved in attacking or advocating for abortion and anti-religious legislation.
A review of the Satanic Temple’s tenants confirms Kelly’s view that the Satanic Temple is not a religion, which is defined as a belief in a god or a group of gods. ”The Satanic Temples’ website also includes a downloadable guide of abortion statues per state.
"Instead of helping satanists attack Christians for Christmas, the Illinois Secretary of State should be hunting down carjackers and car terrorists and taking away their cars," Kelly said, referencing the Waukesha Christmas massacre.

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