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Kelly says passage of Secret Illinois Sanctuary State Bill a Stab in the Back

The Illinois state house quietly passed the Illinois Trust Act, a sanctuary state bill, 62-49 recently. Not that a single Illinois voter knows about it - other than non-citizen "voters" being organized by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) to lobby for its passage.

Illinois politicians have devised a legislative euphemism, the "Illinois Trust Act," to keep the bill quiet. In fact, ICIRR organizers say they intentionally avoided the word, "sanctuary." Perhaps Springfield pols fear the wrath of downstate voters who supported Donald Trump by 79% margins in blue state Illinois; if voters actually knew what was in the bill, there would be political hell to pay.

William J. Kelly, Republican candidate for Governor, has issued the following statement:

Illinois politicians passed this secret legislation on Memorial Day and it's the ultimate stab in the back to all the soldiers who gave their lives to keep America a sovereign country. Politicians, who want the illegal immigration vote, want to keep the Illinois Trust Act hush-hush. Gov. Rauner, a liberal Republican who is pals with Rahm Emanuel, is afraid to talk about the Trust Act and refuses to discuss it.

Supporters of this bill claim it will make immigrants feel more secure. But who has more of a right to feel secure in their own state? Illegal immigrants or legal citizens?

The Illinois Trust Act isn't intended to help legal citizens feel more secure; it is intended for people who are breaking laws and illegally siphoning welfare and medical benefits from the American citizens who need it most - the poor, the homeless, and the disabled.

This is a sanctuary state bill and Gov. Rauner is afraid of offending illegal immigrants, refugees, and their supporters? Too bad he's not as worried about offending U.S. citizens and Illinois voters - at least the legal ones.

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