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Kelly responds to CPD Supt. Brown's letter revoking his media credentials

Chicago, IL, September 7, 2022 - Chicago reporter William J. Kelly has responded to CPD Supt. David Brown's personal letter to him, citing Mayor Lightfoot's re-election as the reason his media credentials were wrongfully revoked. He recently filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Lightfoot and Brown to restore his credentials. Kelly has had Chicago media credentials for a decade and his questions to Lightfoot have gone viral with millions of views. 

In his letter, Kelly says he isn't surprised that Lightfoot had Brown revoke his media credential. "It is no secret that your boss, Mayor Lightfoot, despises me because I have put her and her Administration under a national microscope.  Now that she is running for re-election, Mayor Lightfoot cannot afford to have me reminding people about how great Chicago used to be, how many young black children have been shot and killed during her tenure, how many unsolved murders and record carjackings there have been, or the deterioration of our city’s retail districts," writes Kelly.

Read Kelly's letter response in passionate defense of the First Amendment

Kelly says in his federal lawsuit and in his letter to Brown that he has been targeted and physically harassed due to his affiliations with conservative-leaning news outlets. "In the past year, she’s bragged that she’s investigated me,...blamed me and other 'right-wing media' for Chicago’s reputation as a crime ridden 'no go zone,' and attacked me for appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight on FOX News."

Kelly is also critical of Brown himself. "It is not your job, or the job of Mayor Lightfoot’s ninety-person security force to protect her from having to answer questions," writes Kelly to Brown, who was appointed by Lightfoot and serves at her pleasure.

Kelly says that it is a crime that Mayor Lightfoot has a security force bigger than any politician but for the President of the United States. "As Chicago Police Superintendent, it is your primary duty to keep Chicagoans safe. So why, at a time when CPD is short 1500 officers, have you assigned ninety officers to her personal security detail when you should assign most of them to protect the people of Chicago?" writes Kelly.

Kelly's federal lawsuit isn't the first time Lightfoot has been sued by the media. Last year, Lightfoot was successfully sued by Judicial Watch on behalf of the Daily Caller News Foundation after denied white reporters interviews on the basis of race.


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