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Kelly Makes It Official: Announces Exploratory Bid for U.S. Senate


KELLY MAKES IT OFFICIAL: Announces Exploratory Bid for U.S. Senate

Illinois – Conservative radio host Republican William J. Kelly has announced to his fellow Illinoisans that he is forming an exploratory committee for the United States Senate against incumbent Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin in 2020, who has held office since 2005.

“The Democrat Party of JFK is gone. In its place is an extremist anti-American Party hell-bent on destroying the lives of working class and middle class American citizens. Sen. Dick Durbin is marching in lockstep with the far-left of the Democrat Party to abolish I.C.E., open U.S. borders, eliminate asylum restrictions, private health insurance and welfare work requirements, ignore child sexual abuse in the Chicago Public Schools and expand HB2 visas in favor of foreigners over American citizens. This is not what the American people want,” Kelly said.

As a member of the media, Kelly has tangled with Durbin before. In the recent video found below, Kelly questioned Durbin at a Chicago news conference about his failure to act on the Chicago Public School sex abuse scandal.

Durbin was making statements against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at the time. “Do you honestly believe Brett Kavanaugh is the leader of an Irish Catholic rape gang?” Kelly continued. New allegations against Kavanaugh surfaced Friday in a hit piece by the New York Times appear to have been discredited as the alleged “victim” has says she has no recollection of the incident.

“That is why today I've announcing my exploratory committee for the United States Senate to defeat Dick Durbin,” Kelly said.

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