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Kelly: Let the De-Raunerification of Illinois Begin

A second open letter – Illinois Policy Institute’s John Tillman and Rep. Jeanne Ives just endorsed Gov. Bruce Rauner AGAIN. If you are as shocked and disgusted as I am, read my open letter.


My Fellow Citizens,


Last week, I explained why I cannot support Gov. Bruce Rauner and why I am supporting pro-life conservative Republican Sen. Sam McCann. I am more convinced than ever that we need to rebuild the Illinois Republican Party without the Raunerites who have betrayed our trust.

Last week, Illinois Policy Institute’s John Tillman praised Gov. Rauner for his courageous leadership. This week, Dan Proft trashed President Trump and said he wasn’t a “conservative.” Proft is currently running attack ads linking Trump to Democrat Mike Madigan.

To make matters worse today, Rep. Jeanne Ives endorsed Gov. Rauner for re-election. Last year, Ives apologized to conservatives for supporting Rauner in 2014. She vowed not to support him after he signed bills expanding taxpayer-funded abortion and legislation making Illinois a sanctuary state but has flip-flopped again.

Since her primary defeat in the Governor’s race, Ives has refused to endorse the only pro-life candidate for Governor in the race, Sen. Sam McCann. She never had any intention of endorsing him. Why? Because Raunerites believe in power, not principles.

Ives has attacked McCann for telling the truth about Rep. Tom Morrison, who claims to be pro-life but has always been loyal to Rauner. In 2014, Morrison told pro-life voters to ignore Rauner’s pro-abortion views and support him anyway. Ives has continued to support Morrison even after he vouched for a teacher who was convicted of child abuse and accused of molestation.

However, as outraged as she says she is, Ives is again supporting Gov. Bruce Rauner, a major donor to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU’s abortion rights project.

Are you as disgusted as I am? You should be. We need to reject the Rauner Party once and for all. Let’s be clear: These “conservatives” sold your vote to Bruce Rauner in 2014 and they are doing it again now. They told Rauner they could deliver him the conservative vote and they did. Rauner gave them millions of dollars in return for YOUR VOTE.

Rauner even fired his entire staff and hired Illinois Policy Institute staffers instead. This was part of the deal. What are they getting from Rauner this time?

If these people really had any conservative principles, they would have never endorsed or supported a Never Trumper like Rauner in the first place. Illinois would never have been a sanctuary state and expanded taxpayer-funded abortion wouldn’t be the law of the land.

Raunerites do not care about you or your family. We need to rebuild the Illinois Republican party – free of Raunerites – and the sooner the better.

On Tuesday, vote for Sen. Sam McCann and let the de-Raunerification of the Illinois Republican Party begin.

- William J. Kelly

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