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Kelly launches new ad, "Thanks, Bruce Rauner!

William J. Kelly (:30) ad spot, "Thanks, Bruce Rauner!"

William J. Kelly, challenger to Bruce Rauner, has issued the following statement:

On December 4th we will be filing our committee, our petitions, and launching this new ad spot, "Thanks, Bruce Rauner!" across the state.

I've been fighting my entire life to have a real, honest Republican Party in Illinois and have been especially disheartened for the last four years because Rauner, despite with his history with Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and his financial ties to Rahm Emanuel, has been the head of our party.

The Rauner Coalition that helped elect Rauner in 2014, including Rep. Jeanne Ives and her allies at the Illinois Opportunity Project, knew Rauner's troubling history as early as 2012 and they accepted his money, helped him get elected, and kept their mouths shut. We need to repeal and replace this Rauner Coalition. Ives was a late October entry into the Governor's race months after I announced in May. Is she in the race to split the primary and ensure Rauner's victory?

As a result of this, there is no Republican Party in Illinois. It is a Rauner Party. In any other state, the GOP has a separate state headquarters, staff, and voter lists and treats Republican candidates equally in primaries. In Illinois, the state GOP is the default campaign team for Bruce Rauner.

2018 is the perhaps the last opportunity we will have to build a real Republican Party together. We need to elect new leaders and replace the grassroots leaders that deceived us.

Please donate $20.18 today to send Bruce Rauner the message that you want him gone in 2018. Join my campaign at and, together, let's make Illinois work again!


For questions or additional comments, contact Amy Olson 312-768-8683 or by email at

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