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Kelly: Ives' endorsed Mark Shaw worse than Rauner on illegal immigration

Chicago, IL, May 7, 2018 - The campaign of William J. Kelly, independent candidate for Governor, has issued the following statement on the endorsement of committeeman Mark Shaw for Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party by the former gubernatorial candidate, Rep. Jeanne Ives:

This weekend, Rep. David McSweeney (R-Barrington) and Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) endorsed Lake County Chairman Mark Shaw, claiming he is the "commonsense conservative" we need to lead the Illinois GOP. McSweeney and Ives have got it wrong again. They were wrong when they endorsed Rauner in 2014 and Illinois is now a sanctuary state with expanded taxpayer-funded abortion. Today, they are wrong on Mark Shaw.

Shaw is a big supporter of Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran, Illinois' pro-amnesty sheriff. I publicly opposed and debated Curran in 2013 at the Republican Assembly of Lake County over his support for SB 957, a bill that granted driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants. Shaw and Curran both opposed me at this meeting. SB 957 was pushed by the Illinois Refugee and Immigrant Rights Coalition, the same group that lobbied to make Illinois a sanctuary state. 

Last August, Shaw wrote a letter urging Governor Rauner to veto the Trust Act because the bill wasn't strong enough; because it didn't really do enough to help undocumented immigrants. Conservatives do not need a GOP party chairman who is to the left of Rauner on illegal immigration and sanctuary states. That is the last thing we need.

For four years counting, I have spoken out against Bruce Rauner while conservative leaders were on his payroll. I could not have been more right about Rauner but I was one of the few. We can no longer afford to trust the opinions, judgments, or endorsements of Rauner's payroll conservatives. We need and deserve new leaders who do not sellout their principles at the drop of a hat.

Republican voters deserve a real conservative choice for state party chairman. Neither Mark Shaw nor Tim Schneider is an acceptable option for GOP state party chairman.


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