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KELLY: GOP's firing of committeemen is illegal, racist

Chicago, IL (April 15, 2016) – William J. Kelly, who ran for Mayor against Rahm Emanuel in 2014, has issued the following statement on the Cook County and Chicago GOP’s illegal firing of 13 Republican committeemen if any of them had voted for a Democrat in the last eight years:

“For Rauner Republicans to decide who is a Republican is like Denny Hastert deciding who has family values. By the GOP’s new arbitrary rule, former Cook County GOP chairman Aaron Del Mar would have been disqualified as a committeeman for voting for Hillary Clinton in 2008.  In fact, many have questioned whether Del Mar and Sean Morrison, the new Cook County GOP chairman, are even Republicans. It’s a good thing Del Mar resigned because he, too, would have been fired under this new rule.

And for that matter, why stop at eight years? Why stop at GOP committeemen? Why not impose this rule change on every Republican official in Illinois? Gov. Bruce Rauner voted Democrat in 2006. Will the GOP fire him too?

I am much more troubled by Republicans who make large donations to Democrats. Gov. Rauner has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats and the Democrat National Committee. Through his surrogates, John Tillman and Dan Proft, Rauner also tipped $1.3 million to Democrat Rep. Ken Dunkin during the primary, a man with a criminal record of abusing women. Instead, they spent millions of dollars attacking good Republican incumbents and candidates. 

In my book, that makes all of these people disqualified to be Republicans.

The Chicago and Cook County GOP are once again disenfranchising voters and elected officials with this illegal firing.  They even fired two incumbent African American women – Adrian Wright and Philanise White - who supported Ben Carson for President and won re-election fair and square. Is the GOP saying black Republicans need not apply?

Aaron Del Mar and Chris Cleveland, who carries the artificial title of Chicago GOP chairman, which doesn’t exist in Illinois law, had every opportunity to run candidates against these GOP committeemen in the recent primary and they chose not to. The real question is why?

William J. Kelly is a media strategist and founder of RevDigital, an Emmy award-winning TV production company. In 2014, he opposed Rahm Emanuel for Chicago’s Mayor. He is also a regular columnist for Newsmax and contributes to national publications like Huffington Post and American Spectator. For comment or interview, contact Amy at (312) 768-8683 or

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