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CHICAGO, December 13, 2015 - William J. Kelly, the 2014 GOP Chicago mayoral candidate, is calling on the Illinois Republican Party and Gov. Bruce Rauner to support HB 4356, which would legalize the recall of Chicago's mayor. The bill has been introduced by State Rep. LaShawn K. Ford and, if passed by the state legislature, would apply to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Despite mounting public criticism of Mayor Emanuel, Kelly says that the Illinois GOP and its Chicago organization have yet to issue any formal statement condemning City Hall's 13-month suppression of the Laquan McDonald police shooting video. There are no official statements on Illinois GOP websites or on social media condemning Mayor Emanuel's actions. 

Kelly also questions Gov. Rauner's honesty on the scandal.

"Why did it take the Governor 11 days to respond to the public outcry? Gov. Rauner still has yet to condemn Mayor Emanuel's 13-month suppression of the video and the $5 million 'hush money' payout to the family by Chicago's City Council right after the mayoral election." Kelly says. "Chicagoans know a fishy cover-up when they see one and this is a taxpayer-funded one. If the Illinois Republican Party claims to be on the side of taxpayers, why have they been silent on this issue?"

"The Illinois Republican Party needs to put the Governor's friendship and past business dealings with Mayor Emanuel aside and call for a wider corruption probe of City Hall and the Mayor's office. They need to support this recall legislation now and Gov. Rauner needs to sign it," he added.

In October 2014, Kelly caused shockwaves after he busted the caps in the Chicago mayoral race with a $100,000 donation to his own campaign. With the caps off, Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia raised enough cash to deny Emanuel a 50% plus one vote majority in last February's election, forcing him into a historic runoff.

Emanuel was strongly endorsed for re-election by Rauner, who is a longtime business partner to the mayor. Emanuel and Rauner also share their largest donor in common - hedge fund manager Ken Griffin. Griffin has donated more than $1 million to Emanuel-connected PACs.

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