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Kelly blasts Mayor Lightfoot's bizarre response to CPS abuse scandal

Chicago, IL - Republican candidate for U.S. Senate William J. Kelly has issued the following statement on the U.S. Department of Education's response to the Chicago Public Schools' sexual abuse scandal and Chicago Mayor Lightfoot's defense of CPS officials:

"Today, the Department of Education called out Chicago Democrat leaders for their 'tragic and inexcusable' handling of the sexual abuse scandal at the Chicago Public Schools. Since the scandal broke, more than 1,000 complaints of sex abuse and rape involving school children have been documented and yet, you won't hear national or local Democrat leaders or members of the media dare to mention it."

Under pressure, the Chicago Public Schools agreed to a binding legal agreement giving oversight to the federal government and promising extensive reforms.

But, in a bizarre statement, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot criticized the federal government's response. "This is the same Department of Education headed up by Betsy DeVos? Yeah. Well. I take a little bit of what they say with a grain of salt," said Mayor Lightfoot. 

Kelly blasted Lightfoot's response. "Mayor Lightfoot and Sen. Dick Durbin have failed the children of Chicago. By her own words, she is taking the sexual abuse of 1,000 children 'with a grain of salt.' Sen. Dick Durbin is no better. High-profile Democrat officials have ignored systematic abuse of these children for more than 10 years. We can and must do better.  That's why we need to take action and that's why I'm running for the U.S. Senate."

Kelly says he takes the sexual abuse scandal at CPS very seriously and with good reason. "As the son of Chicago Public School teachers and a graduate of Quigley Preparatory Catholic Seminary, I'm outraged," Kelly says. 

"In this era of #MeToo, Democrat leaders should be driven from Chicago with pitchforks. Why isn't aren't they being held accountable for the 1,000 cases of rape and sexual abuse at CPS? How many cases of rape and sexual abuse at Chicago Public Schools have there been since the 1940s?" 

Read Kelly's commentary on the Chicago Public Schools sexual abuse scandal at Washington Examiner and Washington Times.

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