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Kelly Announces Independent Bid for Governor Against Rauner

'We must break the Rauner Party,' says Kelly
CHICAGO, IL (December 4. 2017) William J. Kelly, challenger to Bruce Rauner, has released the following statement about his candidacy for Governor:
Four years ago, I sounded the alarm to Republicans that Bruce Rauner was not a real Republican. This was clear to me due to his contributions to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and his close business and personal relationship with Rahm Emanuel.
Sadly, Republican insiders dismissed my warnings and allowed Bruce Rauner to purchase the Illinois Republican Party lock, stock, and barrel.  I said then that Rauner would be a disaster for the State of Illinois and the Illinois Republican Party and the last four years have proven me right. Instead, of apologizing to me and supporting my campaign for Governor, these same Republican insiders, who sold us out, have done everything in their power to keep me off the ballot.  
Rauner's re-election campaign is being run right out of State GOP headquarters. In any other state, the state Republican Party has its own headquarters, staff and lists and they treat all Republican candidates equally. But not so in Illinois. For all practical purposes, the Illinois Republican Party is the Rauner Party.
I've seen this all before. In 2010, I learned my lesson when I ran statewide for Illinois comptroller. The Illinois GOP put a spoiler in race to split the primary, guaranteeing that I would come in second. Well, the Republican insiders at the Illinois Opportunity Project are up to the same old tricks again with a new spoiler candidate in 2018.  I'm not playing their game anymore. Under these circumstances, only a fool would seek the Rauner Party nomination for Governor. But I don't want the Rauner Party nomination. I want to break the Rauner Party.
That is why today I am announcing that I am officially an independent candidate for Governor of the State of Illinois.
 An independent candidate for Governor is exactly what Illinois needs right now. If we leave it to the Republican or Democrat nominee in 2018 we will end up with the same millionaires, billionaires, insiders, elites, and cronies.  It's time for a Governor for the people. This is not a campaign to send a message. This is a campaign to bring Illinois together. This is a campaign to win. This is a campaign to make Illinois work again.

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