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Daily Caller: Reporter grills Rahm: Should CNN series be considered a campaign contribution?

A reporter grilled Democratic Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel Wednesday about whether CNN’s favorable “Chicagoland” documentary series about the Emanuel administration should be considered an in-kind campaign contribution to the mayor’s re-election efforts. 

Emails recently obtained from the CNN production team suggest coordination between CNN and the Emanuel administration on the series’ content.“Another reporter asked Emanuel about CNN producers “making a clear effort to make it look good for the series. Have you watched the series?”

“I have not watched the series,” Emanuel said, but noted that local high school principal Liz Dozier, featured in the series, is one of a group of “incredible people doing incredible things.”

“Will CNN be reporting the cost of the production as an in-kind contribution to your campaign for re-election?,” asked reporter William J. Kelly.

See the video here:


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