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FOX NEWS' Tucker Carlson interviews Chicago reporter William J. Kelly

Chicago, IL, April 29, 2022 -Chicago reporter William J. Kelly, who has been going viral with his fearless reporting on Mayor Lightfoot's destructive policies appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight this week to lament the downfall of a once great American city.
Carlson asked Kelly why Lightfoot was so hostile specifically to him, "You're response was the most telling of all when you said, 'I think the carjackers are ruder than I am,' but I got the feeling she [ Mayor Lightfoot] dislikes you more than the carjackers."
"I think you'd be right about that. For the last two years, Mayor Lori Lightfoot could just say crime is down, the economy is fine...everything is going to be fine. Obey me and the Chicago media just accepted this," Kelly said. "And then I started going to her press conferences and asking actual questions and all hell broke loose...Mayor Lightfoot doesn't seem to care [about the people] at all, Tucker."
"Well, she doesn't care and its obvious with every word she utters. Bless you for what you are doing. Your persistence and journalism highlights the evil that has overtaken," said Tucker.
Last week, Kelly asked Lightfoot how she could possibly consider running for re-election after all the harm she's caused. The video ,now viral with millions of views, has been seen on Fox News, Daily Mail UK, Newsweek, MSN, the Independent and hundreds of other news outlets.
Earlier this month, Kelly's questions to Mayor Lightfoot received millions of views on social media, including 188K views onThe Daily Caller, 625K views on theWashington Examiner,5M views onThe Scoop Politics, 300K views onForbes,and 428K views onTown Hall, RedState, Twitchy and others.
Lightfoot and Kelly have clashed repeatedly over his tough questions on Chicago crime in the past 12 months and his questions have received millions of views. A video of his first heated encounter with Mayor Lightfoot onChicago crime received more than 1.7M views on Fox Chicago's youtube channel last June.
About William J. Kelly
William J. Kelly is an independent Chicago reporter and Emmy-award winning broadcaster. He is the host of the long-running Citizen Kelly radio show and podcast. Kelly began his career in journalism at the storied City News Bureau. He was the longtime "Man About Town" columnist for TCW Magazine, blogged for the Washington Times and was an opinion writer for American Spectator. He currently contributes to the Daily Caller. Kelly is a native of Chicago's South Side and a repeat survivor of Chicago violent crime.

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