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Flashback: Kelly exposes Rauner's sanctuary state bill


The Kelly campaign has released the following statement:

One year ago today, I confronted Governor Rauner about a controversial piece of legislation now known as the "Trust Act." I not only exposed that Illinois was on the fast-track to becoming a sanctuary state but that Governor Bruce Rauner supported the Democrats' legislation.  Where were the "conservative leaders" when voters needed then and why didn't they speak out against this legislation before it passed? Where were Republican officials like Rep. Jeanne Ives, Rep. David McSweeney, Sen. Dan McConchie (who voted with Rauner to make Illinois a sanctuary state)?  It's time for new Republican leaders who will stand up for the GOP party platform and not sell-out their principles for money to people like Governor Rauner. It's time to plan for a new beginning and a new more conservative party in Illinois.

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