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CITIZEN KELLY: Pritzker's tied to COVID passport company questioned

CHICAGO (April 12, 2021) - William J. Kelly, host of the "Citizen Kelly Show" is questioning Gov. Pritzker's ties to Shield T3, a for-profit company being run out of the University of Illinois, that is angling for billions in COVID passport and testing contracts cash:

"The Shield T3 website says that the company is owned by the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois and Gov. Pritzker is a member of the board," Kelly says. Gov. Pritzker is also being questioned about whether he rigged the market for COVID testing in public schools in favor of Shield over its competitors. The rumors began over a policy change over surveillance testing in schools, making districts in eligible for reimbursement through federal relief funds in tests were conducted by a competitor to Shield.

Bill Jackson, Shield's principal officer, received $500 million in taxpayer funds and $10 million from the Pritzker Foundation for his other U of I group. He also advises Gov. Pritzker on COVID policy.

In December, Shield made a pitch to the Biden Administration for $5 billion and $65 million extra per year to maintain its COVID testing system. Kelly is an outspoken critic of Governor Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot.

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