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Citizen Kelly: Only 70 Charged With Felonies In Connection with BLM Riots

CHICAGO (June 7, 2021) - William J. Kelly, host of the "Citizen Kelly Show" says that only 70 people have been charged with felonies in connection with the 2020 Black Lives Matter Riots - a shocking statistic that underscores why 55 people were shot in Chicago this weekend:

"55 people were shot in Chicago this weekend. Does anyone know where Mayor Lightfoot is?" Kelly asks. "We need to hold the people at the top - Mayor Lightfoot and CPD Superintendent David Brown -accountable. The good people of Chicago deserve better than Third World lawlessness."

Kelly says that Lightfoot and Brown have presided over two years of lawlessness - a reality made even more clear by the results of Kelly's recent FOIA request revealing the number of people charged and convicted in the course of a year since the May 31, 2020 Black Lives Matter Riots.

"Only 70 criminal have been charged with a felony in connection with the Black Lives Matter Riots of 2020 and they are all out on bond," Kelly says. "Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown isn't troubled by this. At a press conference this week, Brown said that 'criminals are people too.'"

Kelly says that only five people have plead guilty to any charges - likely plea deals to much lesser charges.

"Chicago doesn't punish crime. Chicago doesn't punish murder," Kelly says. "And it's time that the people of Chicago hold Mayor Lightfoot accountable for that. An elected official with any moral compass would have resigned already.

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