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Citizen Kelly on Newsmax: Rahm facing political crisis of his life


Chicago, Illinois - William J. Kelly, a long-time fierce critic of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and former 2015 mayoral candidate, is blasting the media for giving Rahm a pass on the sexual abuse scandals at Chicago Public Schools and the murder crisis.

"Rahm Emanuel is facing the political crisis of his life yet the Chicago and national media are giving him a pass. No other politician would get a pass on the Chicago murder epidemic or the CPS sex abuse scandals. This is a cover-up to ensure Rahm gets the third term he doesn't deserve," Kelly said.

Emanuel is under fire after 33 people were shot, two killed this weekend. Last weekend, 72 people were shot, 13 fatally in one of the most violent weekends on record. In June, a Chicago Tribune investigation uncovered hundreds of cases of sexual abuse, sexual grooming, and rape in Chicago public schools in the last ten years. Emanuel has been in office eight years.

"Rahm Emanuel doesn't deserve a third term - no matter what the media wants you to believe. He has destroyed Chicago bit by bit. He has destroyed its foundation, its very core. Rahm doesn't care about Chicago and he never did," Kelly says.

Kelly teamed up with Take Charge Chicago organizers, led by former Gov. Pat Quinn, and filed more than 86,000 signatures on August 6, 2018 to put a "Term Limit Rahm" referendum on the November 2018 ballot. The Rahm-controlled Chicago City Council is trying to block it.

"The only person who should serve three terms is President Trump, not Rahm Emanuel," Kelly says. 

Kelly was a 2015 Republican mayoral candidate and infamously busted the campaign caps in the race, forcing Emanuel into a historic runoff election. Emanuel is up for re-election in early 2019.

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