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CHICAGO - William J. Kelly, host of the "Citizen Kelly Show" and mayoral contender, says that a new bill will turn Illinois into a version of the 1984 movie, "Police Academy":
"The Illinois General Assembly is about to create its very own police academy. And if it's anything like the 1984 movie Police Academy, what could possibly go wrong?" Kelly says. "Right now our very own corrupt Illinois politicians are considering a new bill – HB0724 – that will – wait for it – make THEM police officers. So that’s why they’ve defunded the police. Because they want to BE THE POLICE."
Kelly says that under this bill – if passed, members of the Illinois general assembly would have the power to:
·      Arrest – with or without due process of law for violations of ANY municipal ordinance or criminal law.
·      They would have the power to DETAIN
·      AND HOLD people in CUSTODY overnight
BUT unlike real police in Chicago – they won’t need to wear body cameras, are not subject to FOIAs, or be called before a police review board for termination.
Kelly says that Illinois politicians could use the legislation to arrest people with whom they disagree politically and carry a badge and a gun while trying to strip citizens of their 2nd amendment rights. Illinois politicians could also use these powers to circumvent prosecution for their own crimes.
"We don’t need corrupt politicians to be fake police. We just need the REAL police to be funded and be allowed to do their job – catch criminals.

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