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Citizen Kelly: Mayor Lightfoot to Spend $100M on Woke Juneteenth Holiday

Citizen Kelly: Mayor Lightfoot's $100M Juneteenth Woke Boondoggle
Citizen Kelly: Lightfoot's Woke $100 Million Socialist Boondoggle
CHICAGO (June 17, 2021)- William J. Kelly, host of the "Citizen Kelly Show" says Chicago Mayor Lightfoot's Juneteenth paid city holiday will cost Chicagoans $100 million:
"Last year, Mayor Lightfoot said that a paid Juneteenth holiday was too expensive, estimating it at a cost of $100 milllion. But now our mayor is happy to spend millions in taxpayer dollars on this woke boondoggle."
Kelly says that Lightfoot is worried about her re-election and is throwing a $100 million bone to her socialist base.
"After years of Democrat policies, the COVID pandemic and the BLM riots, Chicago is teetering on the brink of financial collapse. That $100 million should have been spent saving the City of Chicago and its residents." Kelly said.
Kelly says that Chicago had $41,000 in debt per taxpayer before the pandemic - second only to New York - which makes Lightfoot's $100 million free-for-all all the more shocking. Chicago's debt is a staggering $36.4 billion.
"By gifting city employees with $100 million at a time when Chicago is experiencing 40 plus shootings every weekend, schools in decline and the city's retail centers crumbling from the double-whammy of the pandemic and looting, Mayor Lightfoot has turned her back on Chicagoans."

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