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Citizen Kelly Live premiere: Blame Mayor Lightfoot for Chicago's racist health crisis

New Show: Citizen Kelly Live takes on Chicago Mayor Lightfoot's racism health crisis
New Show: Citizen Kelly Live takes on Chicago Mayor Lightfoot on the racism health crisis
CHICAGO (June 21 2021)- Chicago radio host and Emmy award-winning producer, William J. Kelly announces the debut of his new show, "CItizen Kelly Live." In the premiere episode, Kelly calls out Chicago Mayor Lightfoot's declaration of a public health crisis in Chicago due to racism:
"There were 54 shootings in Chicago this weekend and Democrat Mayor Lightfoot is the one in charge. Most of the victims were black. Is racism to blame?" asks Kelly. "Lightfoot blames racism for Chicago's black mortality rate but it's the Democrat Party that has held the reigns of the city for decades."
Kelly says that William "Big Bill" Thompson was the last Republican Mayor of Chicago in 1931 - about 90 years ago - and that Lightfoot's declaration this week that "racism is a public health crisis" is an admission of Democrat Party guilt.
With Mayor Lightfoot at the halfway mark in her term as Chicago's Mayor, the city's murder rate is out-of-control. Just this weekend, a 31 year-old female tourist from Maryland was stabbed to death in the Loop and a couple celebrating Puerto Rican Day were shot at point blank range on Juneteenth. The young father of two later died.
Chicago is approaching record shootings and homicides under Mayor Lightfoot's reign: A total of 1777 shot and more than 324 homicides so far in 2021.

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