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CITIZEN KELLY: Gov. Pritzker's advisor about to cash-in on COVID passport cash

CHICAGO (April 6, 2021) - William J. Kelly, host of the "Citizen Kelly Show" says that Illinois Gov. Pritzker's COVID advisor is angling for billions in COVID passport cash:

"Gov. Pritzker and his pals at the University of Illinois are getting into the for-profit COVID 19 passport game and it’s funded by – you guessed it – we, the taxpayers," said Kelly. "Gov. Pritzker has given his blessing to U of I’s Shield T3 – that’s right – T3 – Rise of the Pritzker passports - no word if Nick Fury is involved."

In December, Shield made a pitch to the Biden Administration for $5 billion and $65 million extra per year to maintain its Chinavirus testing system.

Who’s cashing in? The university group’s board of managers and Bill Jackson, the principal officer. Jackson has already received $500 million in taxpayer funds and $10 million from the Pritzker Foundation for his other university group. He also advises Gov. Pritzker on COVID policy.

"So Jackson is the reason Illinois kids haven’t been in school and why high school sports were canceled?" Kelly says. Jackson’s app is being marketed to the federal government, restaurants, United Airlines, etc. But no need to worry – Gov. Pritzker and Bill Jackson will take good care of your private information. "

When the second most corrupt state in America wants to collect your personal data and monitor you on social media, what could possibly go wrong?" Kelly says.

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