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Citizen Kelly: 31 shot in Chicago but Mayor Lightfoot worried about the Irish

CHICAGO - William J. Kelly, host of the "Citizen Kelly Show" and mayoral contender, says that 31 people have been shot in Chicago since Friday under Mayor Lightfoot's watch - but Mayor Lightfoot is more worried about Irish people celebrating:
"For the past two years, Mayor Lightfoot has stripped Chicago's Irish community of its St. Patrick's Day traditions. She has banned the Southside and downtown parades and gatherings, cracked down on Irish pubs, and outlawed all things Irish," Kelly said. "But Mayor Lightfoot isn't concerned about violence. She isn't concerned about the lootings and the property damage. And she isn't concerned about murder."
Kelly says that Lightfoot lashed out at St. Patrick's Day revelers in 2020, saying that people were engaging in "very foolish conduct" as they continued to pack bars. She said, "we have to stop that and shut that down" and reduced all liquor-selling establishments to 50% capacity just days before St. Patrick's Day.
Yet Lightfoot allowed/enabled 20,000 Black Lives Matter protesters to violate her own COVID restrictions and reopened Grant Park to BLM demonstrators while denying access to Chicago residents last summer. The City of Chicago's business districts have been looted twice at a cost of more than $66 million and, still, Lightfoot has failed to take action.
"Mayor Lightfoot has her priorities screwed up," Kelly says. "This isn't that hard. St. Patrick's Day, good. Murders bad. Columbus Day, good. Looting bad. But at least Chicago's River is green for St. Patrick's Day - at least Chicagoans got that."
Kelly's grandparents emigrated to Chicago from County Mayo in the west of Ireland. He is a native of Chicago's Southside and a current resident of Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood.

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