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Chicago Reporter William Kelly talks about near-death experience with COVID-19



Citizen Kelly: My near-death experience with COVID-19
 Chicago, IL (September 14, 2021)- William J. Kelly, a Chicago reporter who went viral after two heated press conferences exchanges with Mayor Lightfoot last month, is talking about his near-death experience with severe COVID pneumonia:
"For the last two weeks, I've been fighting the effects of severe COVID pneumonia and there was a moment where I thought I wasn't going to make it," says Kelly.
Kelly saysI learned a lot about how COVID-19 patients are treated - or not treated."Once you are COVID positive, you can’t great treated anywhere but an emergency room. That’s why COVID patients are flooding the ERs – there is nowhere else for them to go," Kelly says.
Kelly also says that hospitals are not really treating COVID patients. "I had a 104.2 temperature and was sent home with Tylenol. Two days later, I couldn’t breathe and my x-rays showed severe COVID pneumonia – and the hospital sent me home again," he explains. "In another two days, I had gotten even worse and the ER doctors finally admitted me to the hospital for a week and put me on remdesivir, which probably saved my life. This is bad medicine."
After more than a year of suffering through this pandemic, Kelly says the U.S. health care system still refuses to treat COVID patients. "Drug companies should be focused on treatment – but instead they are making billions of dollars with the vaccines. The vaccines minimize COVID symptoms but do not prevent infections or the spread of the virus," he says.
Kelly says that the American people need to start asking more questions about the virus - not less. "Our lives and freedoms have been fundamentally changed by a juiced-up virus that may have been created in a lab in Wuhan, funded by U.S. tax dollars," he says. "The virus and the vaccines have both been politicized to death and the American people deserve better than that. They deserve the facts - the truth."
Combined, both of Kelly's videos questioning Mayor Lightfoot have now received millions of views and thousands of comments, the majority of them critical of Lightfoot. You can see the videos here and here.

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