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Chicago radio host to Trump: Help me stop Illinois' sanctuary state law

 Chicago, Illinois, August 2, 2017 - Chicago radio host Citizen Kelly is making a personal plea to President Trump: He wants the President's help in stopping a secret bill that will make Illinois a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. Thanks to anti-Trump Gov. Bruce Rauner, the Illinois sanctuary state bill is on the fast-track to becoming law and it will take someone as powerful as President Trump to stop it. 

"Mr. President, I'm asking you again - help Citizen Kelly. I'm running for Governor of Illinois against a #NeverTrumper. The Republican Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, will not say your name. He hates you, Mr. President. I believe he's going to challenge you in a Republican primary in 2020. Mr. President I appreciate your words. We need you now in the City of Chicago and the State of illinois. Illinois is on the fast track to becoming a sanctuary state. I'm asking for your help. Help me, help you - before it's too late," Kelly said on his show this week.
The Illinois "Trust Act," SB 31 bill, passed the Illinois General Assembly and it could become law in days. Media outlets in Illinois have refused to cover the "Trust Act" legislation and members of immigrant and refugee coalitions have stated publicly that the words "sanctuary state" were purposely kept out of the bill to prevent a public outcry. Illinois politicians, including Gov. Rauner, and Democrat and Republican members of the General Assembly have also been "mum" on the legislation, which passed the Illinois State House on Memorial Day. The legislation is on Gov. Rauner's desk, waiting for signature. 
Kelly is challenging anti-Trump Gov. Bruce Rauner in the Republican primary. For info, visit  Click here to donate. 

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