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Bipartisan Movement to Term Limit Rahm Picks Up Steam

Chicago, IL - The movement to term limit Mayor Rahm Emanuel - and all future Chicago mayors - is picking up steam. Conservative radio host William Kelly has joined forces with former Gov. Pat Quinn to put a binding bipartisan referendum on the November 2018 ballot.

If passed, the "Take Charge Chicago" referendum would legally prevent Rahm Emanuel from seeking a third term as mayor in 2019.

More than 50,000 signatures have already been gathered - meeting the basic legal requirement to file. However, Quinn and Kelly are anticipating a legal challenge from Mayor Rahm Emanuel and are working to gather another 50,000 signatures by August 6, 2018.

Kelly says fed-up Chicagoans are signing up to circulate petitions. According to a March 2018 poll, 57% of Chicagoans say the city is on the wrong track. If the election were held today, 40% said they would probably replace Rahm and 17% said they would definitely replace Rahm.

The poll was taken before news of the Chicago Public School sexual abuse scandal broke. Mayor Emanuel has apologized for the hundreds of secret sexual abuse and rape cases involving students as young as 13 years old at CPS for the last eight years.

"Chicagoans want their city back. They are angry about the sexual abuse and rape of hundreds of school children under Rahm's watch. They are angry about the murder rate and unsolved homicides. They are angry about Chicago property taxes and the fiscal decline of the once great City of Chicago," Kelly says. "That's why the 'Term Limit Rahm' movement is growing. It is the ultimate campaign finance reform - the answer to Rahm's $7.4 million war chest. The people want a voice and Gov. Pat Quinn and I are giving them one."

Kelly will be speaking about the Term Limit Rahm Movement at the Southwest Side GOP Club on July 9th at Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park. Quinn and Kelly will also be hosting a "Term Limit Rahm" event at the Curragh-Chicago Restaurant on July 20th. A notary will be available for circulators to notarize their petitions.

In 2015, Kelly famously busted the campaign finance caps in the Chicago mayor's race, which allowed Rahm's opponents to raise unlimited funds and force Rahm into a historic run-off election. In 2011, he challenged Rahm's mayoral petitions on the basis of residency.

For more information on the "Term Limit Rahm Movement," to become a petition circulator and attend special events, visit and sign-up as a volunteer.

For more information and to download a petition, visit:

CONTACT: Amy Olson 312-768-8683 or by email at For more information, visit

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