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After busting caps, Kelly launches "Dead Fish Blues" ad spot against Rahm

Kelly busts caps in Chicago mayor’s race, launches “Dead Fish Blues” ad spot

Chicago, IL – After donating $100,000 to his campaign and busting the campaign limits in the race, Chicago mayoral candidate William J. Kelly is releasing his first TV ad spot, “Chicago’s Dead Fish Blues.” An Irish Catholic from Chicago’s 19th ward, Kelly is the only Republican candidate in the race against Emanuel. 

 See the fishy, biting ad spot here: 

Or view at:

Many media blasted Kelly Tuesday for busting the campaign caps, arguing that the lifting of the limits improves Rahm Emanuel’s chances of re-election. Kelly says he disagrees.

“Rahm already has all the millions in funds he needs to win this race.  No candidate is even close to catching up. So what if Rahm can raise even more? In order to beat Rahm Emanuel
with his low approval ratings - Chicagoans despise Rahm – I don’t need to match
him dollar for dollar.  In the end, the winner of the mayor's race isn't necessarily the one who has raised the most cash,” Kelly says.

With the caps lifted, Kelly says that national donors that oppose Rahm Emanuel now have a historic opportunity to defeat him and that it is time for them to finally step up.

“If the caps had remained intact, it would have been safe to say that Rahm would have walked away with this election. With the caps lifted, it is time for big national and Illinois donors who don't like Rahm to either put up or shut up.  I have given them this last chance to strip Rahm of his throne,“ Kelly added.

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Kelly is a veteran TV broadcaster and founder of an Emmy award-winning production house based in Chicago.  A longtime taxpayer advocate, Kelly is a columnist and contributor to national publications. His official bio and campaign photo are available at:


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