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William J. Kelly is an investigative reporter and Emmy award-winning broadcaster known for his hard-hitting reporting on Chicago crime. Kelly’s questioning of Mayor Lori Lightfoot has regularly gone viral with millions of views, putting her failures on violent crime into the national spotlight. FOX News’ Tucker Carlson has praised Kelly calling him “one of the few journalists left in Chicago.” 

A native of Chicago's South Side, Kelly graduated from Christ the King and Quigley Preparatory Seminary South. While at Quigley, Kelly was a regular contributor to the “Mass for Shut-Ins” TV program on WGN-TV. He then studied at Loyola University's Rome Center and traveled throughout Europe before receiving a B.A. in political science and philosophy.

Kelly’s career in journalism began as a reporter for the storied City News Bureau. He later penned the “Man About Town Column” for TCW Magazine which led to a production deal with the Chicago FOX affiliate. Kelly is an Emmy award-winning producer and also received an Emmy nod as an on-camera talent. 

Kelly was previously the Executive Director of Taxpayers United of Illinois, now known as Taxpayers United of America, a taxpayer watchdog group. He ran for Congress in the First Congressional District against Rep. Bobby Rush, a former Defense Minister of the Black Panther Party. In a move that made headlines, Kelly famously confronted Rush at his press conference with tax liens revealing that the congressman owed $50,000 in back taxes and unpaid child support.  

In 2010, Kelly questioned then candidate Rahm Emanuel about his lack of Chicago residency in a sidewalk interview. The incident went viral on Drudge Report after CBS reporter. Jay Levine threatened to deck Kelly on-camera.
Kelly is a current contributor to the Daily Caller and the Daily Mail. He was previously a blogger for the Washington Times and the Midwest Correspondent for Newsmax.  He is the longtime host of the Citizen Kelly Show on AM 1590 WCGO and 95.9 FM, where the show aired for five years, and most recently AM 1490 in Chicago. 


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