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Kelly calls on Ives to exit the GOP primary race

William J. Kelly, Republican candidate for Governor against Bruce Rauner, has released the following statement:

I have always spoken the truth about the corrupt leadership of both parties. It isn’t easy telling the truth and sometimes it means you get accused of being “impolite.” I’m passionate about our principles and I cannot apologize if that offends the political establishment. Our failed Illinois leaders have pushed us beyond the point of being polite.

Rauner has been a disaster for the people of Illinois and the Illinois GOP. In 2014, Rauner became Governor by buying up the GOP lock, stock, and barrel. Since then, I've been persona non-grata with party leaders and that's fine with me.

Now the same people took Rauner’s money want to divide the GOP primary with their own candidate, Jeanne Ives, a candidate who was quiet on Rauner's sanctuary state bill, abortion, bill, and was "absent" on the tax hike bill. I'm calling on Ives to do the right thing, return Rauner's money, and get out of the primary so that a candidate who isn’t under Rauner’s control can win."


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